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Cheap Cotton T-shirts Bulk Wholesale Discount Prices For Sale Online: These are basic full-cut t-shirts at cheap prices. These economical t-shirts are great for large promotional projects and they are all decent shirts for the money. The weight ranges between 5.0 oz to 6.1 oz on the heavy side, although some fitted shirts are designed to be lower than 5.0 oz. for style reasons, these are considered medium weight shirts from those standards. They may say pre-shrunk, but remember all cotton shirts shrink a bit when dried, so don't take the phrase "pre-shrunk" as a determining factor.

Best Deal on Custom Printing: The Promo Package at 144 pcs for $450 on white Gildan 5000 t-shirts with a one-color print on one-side. $600 for black or color t-shirts with shipping included.

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Brands (in descending popular order): Gildan * Next Level * American Apparel * Hanes * Anvil * Fruit of the Loom * Jerzee

Styles (in descending popular order): Gildan 5000, Gildan 2000, Next Level 3600 * Anvil 980 * American Apparel 2001 * Hanes 5280, Hanes 5250, Fruit of the Loom 393, Anvil , Jerzee 393

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Gildan 5000 the Quintessential Cheap t-shirt in a wide range of colors

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Hanes 5280 T-shirts Medium weight good quality not too many colors basic t-shirt from $2.00/ea on white

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Hanes Authentic 5250 Heavier weight wide range of colors economical t-shirts

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Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts Style 2000 Heavier weight affordable wide range of colors strong t-shirts readily available

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Jerzee High Cotton t-shirts 188 Heavier weight limited colors decent affordable t-shirt

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Jerzees 29 Cheap t-shirts limited colors medium weight good shirts for the money

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Fruit of the Loom 5930 poly cotton blend t-shirt Medium weight

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Gildan 8000 Ultra Blend 50-50 poly-cotton t-shirts Mid weight

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Anvil 979 Color Basic t-shirts Heavy weight Not large color options

Jerzees 363 Economical t-shirts

Cheap and inexpensive t-shirts are usually lighter than their more expensive thicker or fitted cut t-shirts. By cheap we mean below $3 on white t-shirts and $3.50 or less on dark or colored t-shirts. Gildan, Jerzee and Hanes offer affordable blank t-shirts in a basic cut. Tultex is reasonably priced for a cheaper fitted t-shirt style. All of the shirts we offer here are new and for smaller orders the shipping cost are disproportionatly high to cover price the shirts and handling. It takes almost as much work to ship a few shirts as a few hundred shirts.

The t-shirt styles shown above are for sale online and are readily available cheap t-shirts. Cheap does not mean crappy t-shirts, although style is a subjective characteristic, these are inexpensive t-shirt styles that are good quality shirts. Click on any of the shirts for more details. The shopping cart link will take you to to complete the purchase online.

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Cheap t-shirt Brands
Gildan Heavy Cotton T shirts 5000 and Heavyweight Wholesale T-shirts online for sale suppliers
Hanes Heavyweight 5280 Cheap Tshirts
Tultex Lightweight Cheap Fitted Wholesale T-shirts supplier online for sale bulk t-shirts
These brands of t-shirts are the most affordable shirts on the market. Typically the Gildan Activewear Heavy Cotton 5000 t shirts and the Hanes Heavyweight 5280 tee shirts are the cheap and the best quality basic t-shirts you can find for the money. Some of the other tshirt brands fill out this niche like Jerzee and Fruit of the Loom. Cheap tee shirts are around $2 on white and usually $1 more for color t-shirts. The average wieght is approx 5-6 oz. cotton and the thread count is typically a little rougher than the more expensive shirts. One time through the wash normally takes care of that and softens them up a bit, but may induce shrinking. Most of these shirts are great for promotional t-shirt printing jobs.